Justin Bieber Shares 5 New Photos of His Extremely Tattooed Torso

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

You can no longer see Justin Bieber’s abs because they’re almost entirely covered by tattoos. That’s what we learned from his most recent Instagram post.

The pop star shared five new shirtless photos with his 87.1 million followers on Tuesday. He’s walking down a New York City street in his best athletic wear. As a special present to Beliebers, his sweatshirt is unzipped, exposing his very tattooed chest.

Justin Bieber shows off his new torso tattoos, while also plugging Calvin Klein undies, on May 23. (Photo: Justin Bieber via Instagram)

The Biebs, 23, shared closeup and full-length shots of his inked-up bod. The guy has spent a lot of hours getting those abs just right — and then, inexplicably, he puts a giant eagle across them and covers them up. That tat was added beneath the massive “Son of God” one he got a few months back. He first showed it off in March. Then, a week later, he showed off a lion on his chest, which he apparently got to complement the bear. The cross, an old favorite, is between the animals.

The Biebs — who, under that sweatshirt, has two ink sleeves in progress, loves tattoos. He got his first one when he was just 16 — a small bird on his left hip, representing the seagull from “Jonathan Livingston Seagull,” a story about a bird learning about life and flight.

Just a few years back, in September 2014, Justin Bieber’s torso looked mighty different. (Photo: Getty Images)

And if you were wondering whether Justin had parental consent to get the first tattoo at that age, look at his dad.

Justin is nowy wrapped up in his Purpose tour, which just had shows in Toronto and will start up again in Winnipeg next month. Whether or not he makes it to England in July, however, remains to be seen. Following the Manchester bombing at the Ariana Grande show, fans are asking him to postpone his British tour dates. (Bieber and Grande are the same age, and came up together in the music biz under the guidance of their manager, Scooter Braun.)

Well, if he has to cancel a show or two, Justin can always spend the time getting more tattoos and posting photos of them.

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