Justin Bieber Drank an Iced Coffee and Lost His Mind

Justin Bieber might want to switch to tea. On Tuesday, the pop superstar went on an Instagram tear seemingly shortly after he drank an iced coffee. First, the 23-year-old musician — who is currently in South Africa for his “Purpose” tour — shared a series of selfies. To be accurate, it was actually eight different versions of the same selfie, posted sequentially.

The “What Do You Mean” singer didn’t caption the shots, leaving the comments to his 86.8 million followers. In the first post of the pic, the singer’s face and hand are both visible and he used a black-and-white filter.

Next up was a closer version with a blue tint.


Then an even closer version.

Then he changed the blue tint back to a more sepia tone.

Then he zoomed out a bit and went back to standard black and white — for not one but three shots that varied ever so slightly.

He finished the installment with a super-close-up of his baby blues.

Naturally, his fans pretty much went insane over how dreamy he is. “Don’t do this to me Justin,” one follower wrote. “You are killing me!” Another commented on how “charming” Bieber’s face is, while others called him “adorable.”

He was also highly caffeinated, it seemed, as evidenced by this:

In case it isn’t clear, he is chanting, “I just drank an iced coffee.” He edited the speed so that his voice varies from deep and evil-sounding to straight-up chipmunk.

This post received mixed reactions from his Instagram followers. “Babe u so stupid,” one user wrote, while another suggested the star actually “did a nice hot rail of meth.” Others, however, said they could relate. “This is me,” one user wrote. Another tagged a friend and said, “When we drink iced coffee.”

Love it or hate it, within 18 hours the video had racked up nearly 7 million views, which is understandable because:

(Photo: Justin Bieber via Instagram)

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