Justice for Pranay: This is how netizens react

Chennabasaveshwar P

Hyderabad, Sep 21: In the aftermath of the infamous honour killing of Pranay on September 14, Pranay's wife Amrutha has started a social media campaign 'Justice for Pranay' on facebook. The page has received 121,314 people likes and followed by 122,734 people.

Pranay (24), a Dalit from the Mala community was hacked to death on Friday in broad daylight by an unidentified assailant hired by Amrutha's father Maruthi Rao, who had opposed their marriage.

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"Don't worry Pranay...U r not alone.. Not only me u are in the heart of crores of people.. Many people are fighting for justice (sic)," a post read on Facebook page named 'Justice for Pranay'.

Some Facebook users extended their support to the cause and some others have given their opinion about the incident that shook Telangana.

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On the other hand, Amrutha's father has been hailed as a casteist hero by a section of netizens. Netizens not only extended their support through encouraging messages like Jai Maruthi Rao, Jai Maruthi Sena, but have also started hailing the killer by changing their Facebook profile pictures to his.

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