Just one from Srinagar has joined a terror group this year: Kudos to the Indian Army

Vicky Nanjappa

New Delhi, Feb 27: Local recruitment and terror attacks have gone down considerably in Jammu and Kashmir. While this is an impressive development, the Indian Army has however flagged concerns on the rise in violations along the Line of Control.

With regard to the recruitment, sources tell OneIndia that in 2018 220 youth had joined terror outfits as opposed to the 120 in 2019. This is a remarkable dip and the figures will be much lower in 2020, the source also added.

In 2019, 161 terrorists were killed as opposed to the 254 in 2018. This only signals that the number of terrorists in the Valley is gradually coming down. However the highlight of this is that most of the terrorists who have been killed are top commanders of the various terror groups that operate in the Valley.

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This year only five persons have joined the terror ranks. In Srinagar, just one person joined a terrorist group, the source also said.

In 2018, 318 terror incidents were reported and in 2019 it came down to 173. This year the number of terror incidents reported stands at 11.

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