Jurassic World 2 plot rumours: The sequel to introduce a hybrid dinosaur?

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Jurassic World

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The creative team behind Jurassic World 2, including director JA Bayona and executive producer Colin Trevorrow, is tight-lipped about the storyline of the movie leaving the field wide open for fans to come up with some interesting theories.

While some of the fan theories suggest a tie up between Owen Grady, Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World 2, a few of them claims that new dinosaurs will be introduced in the upcoming film.

Jurassic fans are already familiar with such speculations including the introduction of a new hybrid dinosaur and the return of Jurassic Park cast members, Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum. 

Jurassic World

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An You Tuber, The Stupendous Wave, claimed that Jurassic World 2 could feature Yutyrannus and Therizinosaurus along with a new hybrid dinosaur. According to him, the new raptor is likely to have similar features of an Indominus rex.

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"During the lap scene in Jurassic World, right after Vic Hoskins enters the room and as he talks to the main casts, Therizinosaurus can be seen on the background of the computer monitor. It could be great addition to the film," the You Tuber stated.

Meanwhile, a reddit user, darrylthedudeWayne, has come up with a new theory about the plot for Jurassic World 2. It is titled Life Found a Way: Jurassic World and hints at the next evil move by Dr Henry Wu. Read it below:

The films opens with a few hunters hunting dear. Then all the sudden out of nowhere a Trodon comes and kills the two hunters. Cut to several days later Doctor Wong now one of the heads of InGen find out that not only some of the Hyrbid Dinos got lose but also Some of the regular dinosaurs from Isla Nublur got off the island and on the main with the public freaking out Wong assigns a Mercenary to assemble a team and this team goes to catch all the dinos before it's too late Two of the team members are the teenage kid from the last movie and this tech girl he can't get his eyes off of.

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Meanwhile Owen Grady meets with his brother (played by Andrew Lincoln) visits him and informs him the same but he also tells him that Blue and the T Rex (named Big Red) have also got off the island and so they along with Blue and Big Red go to find the person responsible for letting the dinos off the island with help from Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm.

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