Jurassic World 2 plot rumours: This new hybrid dinosaur to defeat Indominus Rex?

Ilin Mathew
Jurassic World 2


Jurassic World 2, which is slated to get released in June 2018, has been surrounded by plot rumours, speculations about the cast, and leaks. The latest information that online rumour mills have to offer is related to a new hybrid dinosaur, which could capture all the attention with its unique features.

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Indominus Rex, the big badass of Jurassic World, is hiding somewhere on Isla Nublar island after being defeated by the fan favourite Tyrannosaurus rex, Rexy, and it is sure to come out when the science fiction film series returns with its upcoming movie.

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In order to defeat the giant rapture, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing might seek the help of a new hybrid dinosaur called Spinosaurus Rex. Speculations suggest that it could be bigger and stronger than the Indominus Rex.

"Spinosaurus Rex could be a hybrid between a T Rex and a Spinosaurus, making it one of the fearest animals that not only the Jurassic Park franchise has ever seen but the entire world," according to a fan theory uploaded on the YouTube channel, The Stupendous Wave.

The YouTuber also claimed that Jurassic World 2 could feature an epic battle between the two hybrids. "The T-Rex and Spinosaurus could actually team up against the Indominus Rex and the Spinosaurus Rex," he added.

However, dinosaur lovers will have to wait for an official confirmation from Universal Pictures and director JA Bayona to find out if the upcoming film will introduce a new hybrid dinosaur. But they will most likely get to watch the return of Spinosaurus in the movie.

Executive producer Colin Trevorrow hinted about a dinosaur fight between the T-Rex and Spinosaurus in Jurassic World 2 while replying to a tweet. The netizen asked the filmmaker to check out a petition filed by dinosaur lovers on Facebook, and he replied, "Noted, my friend."

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Another exciting news for the followers of Jurassic Park film series is that actress Laura Dern could join the cast list of its upcoming sequel.

While interacting with a representative of Entertainment Weekly, the 50-year-old actress said, "As I said to the people who are making the new series, 'If you guys make a last one, you gotta let Ellie Sattler come back. She's always the one who's saving the day, man!"

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