Jurassic World 2 LEAKED details hint at scarier hybrid dinosaur; return of Tyrannosaurus Rex

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Jurassic World

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Jurassic World 2 will be packed with lot of surprises for dinosaur lovers and it will surely keep the viewers on the edge of their seats with several action-packed sequences. Some of those stud scenes might also connect it to the original trilogy.

One of the interesting story threads that can be expected in the upcoming science-fiction film series could be the introduction of a new hybrid dinosaur. New leaked details on the movie hint at a much scarier Indominus Rex.

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Although this is not the first time speculations has been doing the rounds on the Internet about a new hybrid raptor in Jurassic World 2, a concept art on the prequel by Seth Engstrom reveals new details about it.

Initially, the Indominus Rex was called Malusaurus and it looked more like a monstrous hybrid with a combination of Spinosaurus and Ceratosaurus, according to fan-site Jurassic Outpost.

The online portal also shared a few photos of the concept art and stated, "The nasal crest is quite curious as well, whether or not it was inspired by hybrid DNA from another creature, or simply an artistic choice is unknown."

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Since a fan theory by an You Tube channel titled The Stupendous Wave also speculated about a hybrid Spinosaurus, it remains to be seen if director JA Bayona will introduce this new hybrid dinosaur in Jurassic World 2.

Meanwhile, an alternate scene from the original trilogy features Tyrannosaurus Rex at the Lagoon. The storyboard, which has been shared online by Jurassic Time's creator Derrick Davis, focuses on a river adventure and speculations suggest that the scene could be included in the upcoming movie.

Another element that might connect the upcoming movie with the original trilogy could be the casting of Laura Dern as Dr Ellie Sattler. The actress has already hinted at her return on screens while interacting with the representative of Entertainment Weekly.

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"I'm told its happening and I'm told they're calling me. I'm told that Ellie Sattler is involved in it. I think they want to release it in 2008. Well, a certain fellow is the one that called me and it's hard to say no to him cause he's always got something totally genius up his sleeve so we'll see what they have in mind," she said.

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