Jungle Cry trailer: Abhay Deol leads a team of rural Odisha boys for a rugby tournament

Abhay Deol plays the role of Indian rugby coach Rudraksh Jena in Jungle Cry.

The trailer for Jungle Cry is out. This Abhay Deol starrer is based on the real-life story of Indian rugby coach Rudraksh Jena of Bhubaneswar’s Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), who guided a team of rural Odisha boys to a historic victory in the Junior Rugby World Cup.

The film is directed by Sagar Ballary. Emily Shah plays the role of a physiotherapist.

The trailer at least makes it look like the film, despite being based on a real story, is inspired by Chak De! India. In both the movies, for instance, a coach leads an underdog team to victory in an international sport tournament.

The difference is while field hockey is India’s national game, rugby is not nearly as popular as other sports (certainly in the way South Africans and the Kiwis know the sport). And this makes the movie interesting. Well, that and the fact that this actually happened and the events in Chak De! are fictional.

Abhay’s character asks his superior at one point that the players he is supposed to help train have never heard of the game, let alone actually play it. "How is that even possible?" he wonders. He then begins reading up on the sport.

The UK coach Paul, whose idea it is to build the team, explains the potential players, "It is basically like kabaddi, with a ball."

Jungle Cry is produced by Prashant Shah and Shabbir Boxwala.