Caught on Camera: Julian Assange is Boxing an Imaginary Opponent in Ecuador Embassy
The warrant, if granted, would be the first step in a process to have Assange extradited from Britain, where he is serving a 50-week sentence for skipping bail.

A few days ago, the Internet was taken by storm by images of a haggard Julian Assange, resisting arrest and protesting, as he was dragged through the street by London Police officials out of the Ecuadorean Embassy. For seven years, Assange had holed himself up at the embassy, as a self-proclaimed refugee, with no one but his cat as company.

One has to wonder about the impact that seven years of isolation had on his mental well-being. And these videos and documents obtained by Daily Mail bring to light his erratic behavior.

In what is being described as a bizarre existence in itself, Assange can be seen resorting to desperate means to keep himself sane and most importantly, occupied. In the latest videos that have emerged, Assange can be seen fighting and boxing it out with an imaginary opponent.

He can also be seen prancing around a small enclosed space, probably the kitchen, as he drinks something out of a carton and keeps repeating the process. The image that these videos paint of Assange is in stark contrast from the debonair gentleman who had ousted some of the most powerful figures in the world with WikiLeaks.

Things began to unravel in 2012 when Assange was accused of rape and sexual assault and in order to avoid being extradited, he took refuge at the Ecuadorean embassy. He also knew that if extradited, he would be prosecuted by the United States for revealing classified Pentagon documents. Whether his move threatened the national security or not is a debate for another day.

In another video, he can be seen standing next to a stove, presumed to be malfunctioning. He keeps jumping up and down till his trousers fall below his waist.

As a matter of fact, Daily Mail has also obtained documents where members of the embassy have complained about Assange's "personal etiquette." Images have also been shared of a light switch which has been smeared with excrement by him.

Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno, along with other officials, have claimed that his lack of basic hygiene and his strange behavior contributed to their collective decision to withdraw the asylum status.

Isolation had taken its nasty toll on him as he was depressed and even expressed interest in simply walking out. To his loyal supporters, Assange is no less than a martyr. But to some, he remains the man who overstayed his welcome and got arrested in the process.