Jugaad-Sanitising: Transport Workers Build Soap Dispensing Machines From Scrap

Bengaluru: The staff at the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation has made soap dispensing units using scrap material in their bus depots. The units are made at zero cost and have been placed at six of the corporation's depots.

A sanitizer bottle is placed on a horizontal plate at suitable height. When the pedal, placed on the ground, is stamped, a line linking the pedal and bottle cap is pulled down also pulling the cap down. This results in the sanitiser being dispensed as long the pedal is stamped. The units will soon be placed at all depots.

This is the latest in a series of efforts the corporation staff has put in to assist in the Covid-19 situation. Earlier, the corporation had placed a mobile sanitiser bus at different places and some of its old buses were converted to fever clinics. The staff had also stitched more than 7000 masks for the department.

The corporation which had suspended its services during the lockdown has incurred a loss of Rs. 403 crores as of Wednesday. Its buses are now being used for transportation of migrant workers within the state.