Judge Loya's Death: No Suspicion About Death, Please Stop Politicising the Case, Says Son

Judge Loya, who was hearing the sensitive Sohrabuddin Sheikh "fake encounter" case, had allegedly died of a cardiac arrest in Nagpur on December 1, 2014.

Mumbai: The family of Justice BH Loya on Sunday said the death of the special CBI judge, who was hearing the Sohrabuddin Sheikh "fake encounter" case, was being politicised and urged all parties to refrain from taking advantage of the situation.

Justice Loya’s son, Anuj, said he did not have any doubts about the way his father died three years ago. "I had an emotional turmoil, hence I had suspicions about his death. But now we don't have any doubts about the way he died," he told reporters at a press conference.

Judge Loya had allegedly died of a cardiac arrest in Nagpur on December 1, 2014, when he had gone to attend the wedding of a colleague's daughter. "Earlier my grandfather and aunt had some doubts about his death, which they shared. But now neither of them has any doubts," Anuj said.

With tears in his eyes, he also urged NGOs and politicians to stop "harassing" his family. He said the family was pained by the events of the last few days.

"We faced some pressure from politicians and NGOs. We don’t want to name anyone, but please excuse my family from continuously asking about my father's death," he said. Anuj is a second year student of Law in a Pune-based college.

The matter had escalated further when the four senior-most Supreme Court judges took on chief justice Dipak Misra and said that cases of "far-reaching consequences" were being allocated to junior judges without transparency in procedure.

Their press conference on Friday had come just after the assignment of two PILs on Judge Loya's death to court No.10, which is headed by Justice Arun Mishra, leading many to believe that it was the last straw. When asked if their complaints include the case of the death of BH Loya, Justice Ranjan Gogoi had said, "Yes".