Journey of Mandell from a Bank Manager to an Emerging Music Artist, ‘Life Always Finds a Way’

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Adversities. Unpredictability. Fear of Failure. Hopelessness.

Acing the game of life is a challenge and close to impossible for many. Getting struck by adversities, a part of life that cannot be escaped, weighs people down and takes away every shred of hope. It forces one to forfeit and drop their weapons, leaving nothing worth fighting for in life. When an individual gives up, they crush their own chances of success.

The reality of this world is that people have associated success with vague definitions. They see their friends, family members, and other people succeed in life, making them question themselves. People fail to understand that every person is living in a unique story. Each person has to meet failures at some point in their lives; the only difference is how one deals with it. Some embrace their failures and come out stronger than before, while others give up.

People do not realize the significance of the failures, adversities, and challenges that come in their way. It is the failures that help build a path towards success. They serve as stepping stones that ultimately lead one towards their destination. All one has to do is believe that life always finds a way. It just works in ways that are not comprehendible by a human’s mind.

Mandell, a rising American music star, was a banking manager and an entrepreneur before he stepped into the music industry. Even though music was a survival essential for him, he could not find his way into the music industry until he was 31 years old. His life is a perfect example of the sayings, ‘life always finds a way’ and ‘life works in mysterious ways.’

Making it Through Life with Music as a Constant Companion

Life, as people believe, is not easy. It is full of adversities and challenges. One who stays strong throughout comes out victorious while others give up in the middle of the journey. Regardless of where one reaches in life, every person has something special in their lives that helps them through their tough times. Some people rely on their friends or family members, while others use writing as their escape. There are some individuals who find comfort in books.

On the other hand, Mandell was always fond of music, and it was his form of survival essential. It was music that comforted him and brought him peace of mind. Sometimes the melodies, sometimes the lyrics, and sometimes the tunes helped him through life. He narrates his love for music in the following words, “For as long as I can remember, music has been in my heart.” He also stated, “I’ve never been a morning person, so music was the thing that got my day going. It’s my little cup of coffee.”

Despite the strong connection, Mandell felt with music; he did not know it could be a career choice. Not knowing what life had in store for him, he kept going.

Finding his True Purpose in Life

Mandell was born on June 26, 1986, in Detroit, in the house of Mandell and Deidra. While he was born in a loving family, music was the only thing in his life that could lift him even during the darkest hours. He memorized all the songs that he listened to due to which he was nicknamed ‘Radio.’ Music as a career was not something Mandell had thought about, and he, just like all other children of his age, went where life took him.

After graduating from Ferndale High, Mandell entered Wayne State University and acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree. The completion of his education found him at a job in the banking sector. Was Mandell passionate about the world of finance? Was a banking job his destination? No one knew, not even Mandell himself.

Until 2017, Mandell worked as a banking professional, but the job did not satisfy him. His soul wanted more, something that could make him feel happy from within. As it is said, one always finds their true purpose and passion in life; even Mandell discovered his true purpose midlife. The year opened doors to life-changing opportunities for him, and he did not know until he met Thaddeus J, a songwriter, at a mixer in Atlanta. It was that moment that was about to change the entire course of Mandell’s life.

Thaddeus asked him to sing and offered to help in the release of his first song. Taken aback by this opportunity as Thaddeus did not even hear him sing, Mandell took this as a sign and decided to take the plunge. On January 26, 2018, his debut single, “Found Love,” was released. It was a song he co-wrote, and it stirred hype among the music enthusiasts.

The American music industry recognized Mandell as a promising music artist. To finance his dreams, Mandell laid the foundation of his company, Junk Trunk 26, LLC. The aspiring music artist accepted reality and knew that he needed financial support to fulfill his dream of becoming a music artist. “I decided to start an underwear line for which I sketch my own designs,” stated Mandell. His business acquired a firm ground, after which he founded New Heights Entertainment, LLC, a recording label. He used the profits from these businesses to fund his music dreams. According to Mandell, “The revenue generated from these business endeavors have played a key role in funding his music career.

Mandell used to listen to songs that evoked a strong emotional response. As he stepped into the world of music himself, he set a mission to make similar music. The Pop and R&B artist wishes to connect with people through his music. As a new artist who is breaking the scene, his music has, by far, been successful in doing that. He has recently released another single, ‘I Think I Love You.’ The soulful single has added to his fame, helping him build a vast fan base. With the release of his debut EP, ‘Broken Vinyl’, Mandell has acquired a prominent standing in the American music scene.

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