The Journey of Award Winning Young Entrepreneur, Vandit Shah Made 7 Figures in Less Than 2 Years


On average, 2.2 million books are published each year in the world. Majority of them go unnoticed by the potential readers. Thousands of them reach people's bookshelves, and hundreds reach their heart. From those hundreds are a few who win appreciation awards for their contribution to society. One such book is 'You Gotta Close The Deal'.

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One interesting fact about ‘You Gotta Close the Deal’  is that the author Vandit Shah never went to college or had professional education in the English language. It was a celebration of passion and dedication when his book won the title of India's one of the Best Non-Fiction Books.

Vandit Shah is an Entrepreneur who poured his learnings and experience he gained as a Sales Expert and Trainer into this book. He conducts seminars and trains employees of reputed firms in the sales field. Sales skills are much better taught via real-life examples and not through generalised mantras.

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These firms had once denied Vandit a job because he did not have any professional degree, and candidates with less to no experience were chosen over him. To this, Vandit says, "Everyone demands proof. A recruiter is doing right by his job if he seeks a certificate which proves my knowledge even to the closest sense."

Elaborating his words on sales, Vandit says, "Sales is less about getting people to see your point of view and more about understanding their point of view. Convincing is a very crucial key but works once. If you want your customers to return to you, make them feel that you understand them and you have a solution. Don't sell your product/service rather sell the solution to their problem."

Every bit of selling, every tactic that he uses and teaches is earned from his initial years of working in a call centre. Vandit was the only breadwinner of the family since his 12th grade which made him start work early and not study further.

Learning never stops and it never should, when he realised that English is essential to lend a breath in today's market, he made his mind to learn it which he did how a child does, observing others speak it.

An entrepreneur must not only inspire others via their business success but also personal qualities. Learning from anywhere to everywhere is called making the best use of the opportunity. How many call centre employees focus on sharpening their sales skills and then use it for the better good?

Vision is rare, the ones who have it stand apart and out of the crowd. Vandit had the dream of using his skills and starting his venture but lacked the support of his close people.

"Don't daydream of a big fat life. If you fail at this, we would have nothing to make ends meet." This is how his thought was welcomed but he went on regardless, which was the right choice. In 2019, he won the Blindwink Young Entrepreneur Award. Excuses will be millions if you search them and opportunities will be infinite if you create them. Choose your side!

Today, he has clients from all over the world. He trains and teaches employees and students of prominent organizations. He shares tips and motivates others on his Instagram. He had a humble start but his journey is inspiring and exciting. Persistency and consistency change your life!