A journalist mocked a #KFCproposal, now every big brand wants to sponsor their wedding

Social Media can make you or break you. This line is true in so many levels, we can't even imagine. Recently, a proposal video at KFC went viral on twitter and the overwhelming love that the couple is getting is beyond imagination.

Three days ago, i.e. on Nov 7, 2019, KFC South Africa shared a video on twitter where a man is proposing his love in between the meal and since then, the couple has been receiving love from across the world. The video was retweeted more than 17000 times and hashtag #KFCProposal started trending on the site.

Many people started offering the couple, who were identified as Bhut' Hector and Nonhlanhla, to help them plan the big day including big brands like Audi and celebrities. Audi South Africa wrote "These honeymoon destinations look far. Someone needs to drive them there. We got you"

Meanwhile, the couple couldn't believe such an overwhelming response and thanked all their well wishers, revealing that they were originally married in 2012, however the husband wasn't satisfied with the rings he bought at the time, thus re-proposing his wife with something better.

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