Jordan's King, Prince Hamzah appear in public together for first time after Royal Crisis

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King of Jordan Abdullah II (Photo Credit: Reuters)
King of Jordan Abdullah II (Photo Credit: Reuters)

Amman [Jordan] April 11 (ANI/Sputnik): King of Jordan Abdullah II and his half-brother Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein, who was recently placed under house arrest over a suspected role in a sedition plot, have been seen for the first time in public together since relations in the ruling family normalized, the royal office said.

According to the statement, King Abdullah II, his son and Crown Prince of Jordan Hussein, Prince Hamzah and other royal family members attended a laying wreath ceremony in Amman on the occasion of the country's 100th year of independence.

The rift opened up in the royal family after several high-level officials were arrested over a security breach earlier in April. Former crown prince, Hamzah bin Al-Hussein, said on April 4 that he was under house arrest, after he was told to stop actions that undermined national stability, as part of a broader security probe. Jordanian authorities said that Hamzah and two other officials had made contacts with foreign intelligence with a view to destabilize the kingdom.

In the aftermath, the royal Hashemite court said on April 5 that Hamzah had sworn loyalty to King Abdullah II. On Wednesday, the Jordanian ruler said that the situation had been resolved.

The 41-year old prince -- the elder son of the late King Hussein from his fourth wife, Queen Noor -- became first in line to the throne after he was named crown prince in 1999. However, the current king removed Hamzah's title of crown prince in 2004 and conferred it on his son Hussein, who is now 26 years old now. (ANI/Sputnik)