Jordan Peele Says Next Movie Will Be 'Very, Very Different' From 'Get Out'

Kevin Polowy
Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment
Jordan Peele speaks at a Blu-ray event for ‘Get Out’ (Getty Images)

On Monday, Universal Pictures announced a release date for the Untitled Jordan Peele Project to hit theaters March 15, 2019, which will arrive just about two years after the release of his sleeper hit-slash-cultural touchpoint Get Out. The new film could be the first of four more “social thrillers” from the red-hot writer-director and Key and Peele alum.

At a Blu-ray event for Get Out held on the Universal lot earlier this month, Peele teased — or “approached teasing” — his next film to Yahoo Movies. (“I can’t do any hardcore teasing,” he cracked.) In short: Don’t expect a Get Out rehash.

“It will not be in a similar vein [to Get Out], it will be a very different movie,” he said. “It’ll be a very different project. Where it will overlap is the fact that it will be a thriller and have what I think is a real social message.

“And of course I love the Easter egg hunt. So there’ll be similarities. But if you’re looking for Get Out 2, this will be a very, very different movie.”

Get Out was applauded by critics and audiences for being a tense and creepy horror film that simultaneously delivered subversive and pointed commentary about race relations in America. It also contained countless Easter eggs in the form of foreshadowing hints and hidden historical and cultural references.

As for Get Out 2, though, there’s still a chance of that happening too. See what Peele and producer Jason Blum had to say about a possible sequel:

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