John Travolta's most memorable hairstyles

Raechal Leone Shewfelt
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
John Travolta has changed his hair many, many times over the years. (Photos: Getty Images/Everett Collection)

John Travolta has been, as he memorably says in Grease, rockin’ and rollin’ (and whatnot) for decades, and so has his hair — albeit in many different forms.

We’ve seen him go from a shaggy-haired 20-something to a sometimes balding, sometimes not 63-year-old, both on screen and off, in front of our very eyes. A person’s hairstyle is bound to change over such a long period of time, but Travolta and his locks have truly kept us guessing — mostly thanks to the wide range of characters he’s played.

Shania Twain, of all people, provided a glimpse of Travolta’s latest look in an Instagram pic she shared from the set of their 2018 movie, Trading Paint, on Wednesday. In it, Travolta has yet another look — gray, possibly blondish, hair slicked back, with a full beard — that caused some of Twain’s followers to question her caption.


Oh, it’s definitely Travolta; the eyes give it away — but he does look a lot different than he did in his Danny Zuko days. Here is a quick review of some of his more memorable hair looks.

We welcomed him and his luscious locks back on Welcome Back, Kotter. 

John Travolta and his lush head of hair on “Welcome Back, Kotter.” (Photo: Everett Collection)

The time he was a greaser obsessed with combing his hair in Grease.

John Travolta stars in 1978’s Grease. (Photo: Paramount Pictures/Everett Collection)

He had long hair that he wore in a ponytail in Pulp Fiction, in which he played a mob hit man. Any problems with that?

John Travolta went long in Pulp Fiction. (Photo: Everett Collection)

We don’t know what this is, either.

In Battlefield Earth, John Travolta had hair for days. (Photo: Everett Collection)

Would you vote for this guy? Somehow, the silver hair makes him appear more trustworthy.

John Travolta goes gray for Primary Colors. (Photo: Everett Collection)

His turn as a woman in Hairspray resulted in his most surprising look — if you don’t count Battlefield Earth.

John Travolta’s Hairspray look was a big change, even for him. (Photo: Everett Collection)

In real life, Travolta has shaken things up by, for example, baring all (on his head).

John Travolta goes bald in 2011. (Photo:

But he always brings it — and by that we mean his unconquerable tresses — back.

John Travolta’s thick hair was back at the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscars party. (Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

So, yeah, John, we have been watching the hair.

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