John Terry's mum lies down in taxi after boozy night in London

London, July 29 (ANI): Soccer star John Terry's mum Sue was spotted stumbling into the cab at 3am and spreading herself out in the back seat after some hard core partying with daughter-in-law Toni, in London.

55-year-old Sue was waiting for her Toni to come out of the Mayfair club and when Toni finally arrived, the two women sped off from the scene, the Sun reported.

An eyewitness told the publication that the grandma was staggering everywhere.

The source said that the Chelsea skipper's mother was a complete mess and definitely had too many drinks.

The onlooker asserted that Sue came out of the nightspot about half an hour before Toni did and then she passed-out in the back of the taxi.

The insider added that at first she was lying on the cab's floor. (ANI)