John Krasinski rejects allegations Jack Ryan promotes US ‘conservative values’

Louis Chilton
Amazon Prime Video

John Krasinski has hit back against allegations that his work on Jack Ryan promotes a pro-military political agenda.

The former star of The Office (US) is known for playing military figures in several films and TV series, including in the 2016 Michael Bay thriller 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, and in TV series Jack Ryan, which is released on Amazon Prime Video.

“That narrative is certainly not the narrative I intended to put out there,” Krasinski said in an interview with Esquire, when asked about percieved "conservative" messages in his work.

“When people look for something that they want to see, I can’t stop them from a subjective belief in something.”

“I have 11 aunts and uncles and cousins who have been in the military or still are in the military,” he continued.

“So it was a big thing on my list to get to do a military movie or show or something”.

Jack Ryan is based on the series of novels by Tom Clancy, and sees Krasinski play a hard-boiled CIA operative.

In the interview, Krasinski also refuted allegations that there were political undercurrents in his 2018 film A Quiet Place, directed by Emily Blunt.

“It wasn’t about being, you know, silent and political”, he revealed. “My whole metaphor was solely about parenthood.”