John Cena is just too big — in ways you won't expect — in this 'Blockers' deleted scene (exclusive)

Kay Cannon’s Blockers proved a hit with audiences and critics when it debuted in theaters in April, thanks to its clever take on the teen-sex comedy genre. With a sterling cast led by Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz, and John Cena, Blockers is an amusing roller coaster — about a trio of parents trying to stop their kids from losing their virginity on prom night — that should have a healthy second life on home video. And ahead of its arrival on Blu-ray and DVD, Yahoo Entertainment is premiering an exclusive deleted scene from the film.

There’s nothing easy about tracking down your kids at a hotel crowded with kids, as Mann’s, Barinholtz’s, and Cena’s grown-ups discover in the clip above. For Cena, it’s difficult even getting a handle on how many rooms are in this facility — a situation that exasperates Barinholtz — although more troublesome than the size of this place, and how long it’ll take to search it, is fitting into an elevator with a group of well-dressed teens. That’s because, as moviegoers will find out in the scene, Cena is just too much man to properly fit inside the tiny elevator cabin with all these other passengers — and not just because of the enormous proportions of his muscles but also due to the sizable junk in his trunk. Watch the full scene above.

Exhibiting the same sort of banter-heavy comedy that defines its entire action, this deleted scene is merely one of the many extras available on its upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release, which arrives on store shelves on July 3. The film is now available on digital HD.

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