John Cena deadlifts 602 pounds: What fuels the WWE superstar at 40? Diet plan and workout routine

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WWE superstar John Cena turned 40 on Sunday, April 23, and he made sure starting the day doing what he does the best...lifting heavy in the gym! The American pro wrestler and Hollywood personality, whose billed weight is over 250 pounds, has been seen in a video deadlifting 602 pounds.

Cena is one of the more well-known personalities in the WWE who is seen lifting gigantic masses of weights in the gym and doing all the strongman exercises on a routine basis....from heavy squats to deadlifts and from powerful cleans to massive bench presses.

So, what keeps Cena so strong even at 40?

A little research brought forward his main source of fuel — his diet pattern — he follows on a routine basis. According to the Muscle & Strength website, Cena's daily intake consists of masses of protein that helps him maintain his gigantic shape.

Also, Cena is privileged to follow the seven-meals-a-day pattern, as approved by a number of strength training nutritionists around the world.

Here's the diet plan:

When it comes to his workouts, Cena follows , where the focus lies on volume training. 

According to Men's Fitness, the WWE superstar looks forward to hitting a new max on his main lifts, every six weeks.

His workout plan (as per Muscle & Strength):

Workout Sets Reps
Seated Calf raise 10 10-20
Standing Calf raise (BW) 4 25
Leg Press 5 20
Standing Leg curl 4 20-25
Squat 4 10
Leg Extension 4 15
Hack Squat 3 15 
Single Leg extension 3 10
Workout  Sets Reps
Incline bench press 3-4 20
Incline machine press 3-4 20
Pec Dec 3-4 15
Cable Crossovers 3-4 15
Bench Press 3 10
Workout Sets Reps
Preacher Curl 5 12
Standing BB Curl 3 10-12
Standing DB Curl 3 10-12
Standing Cable Curl 3 12
Rope pressdown  3 20
Single arm cable pressdown 3 10
Lying Triceps extension 6 Failure
Overhead EZ bar extension 3 20
Seated BB Tricep extension 3 20
Triceps Dip 4 Failure
Workout Sets  Reps
Rear delt fly 5 20
Machine overhead press 5 20
Machine Lateral raise 5 20
Seated overhead press 3 10
DB Lateral raise 3 12
Military Press 3 10
Workout Sets Reps
Lat pulldown 5 20
Barbell Row 5 12-20
One arm DB row 5 12-20
Deadlift 4 8-15
High Pulls 4 20
Pull Up 4 Failure
BB Shrug 5 20

NOTE: After the end of each days' workout, Cena performs one set of 60 crunches.

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