John Boyega Got Dating Advice From Robert Downey Jr. and Orlando Bloom

Jon San
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

When John Boyega landed a starring role in the new Star Wars series, he knew that his life would change overnight. So to head off any possible negative consequences of his newfound fame, he decided to meet with former Hollywood bad boy Robert Downey Jr.

Downey notoriously struggled with substance abuse in the ‘90s but has been sober for a while now. For his latest cover story in GQ, Boyega recalled meeting Downey at his home for waffles — well, waffles and advice. And then, out of nowhere, another A-lister stopped by: Orlando Bloom.

The presence of Iron Man and Legolas in the same room dumbfounded Boyega. He said, “I’m not used to any of that stuff, hanging out with Iron Man on a day-to-day basis. I was just like, ‘Bloody hell. Is this how the celebrities do?’”

Downey’s been married since 2005; Bloom recently was linked to Katy Perry and was married to Miranda Kerr, so naturally, Boyega asked for advice on women. Boyega explained his perspective to them: “People advise you as a celebrity, ‘Make sure you get someone who doesn’t care about your career.’ … I disagree.”

Bloom and Downey supported Boyega’s outlook. He summed it up by describing his ideal girl as someone who “has to care about [my career] to understand it.”

Earlier this year, Boyega told The Graham Norton Show that his fame has cost him with the ladies.

After a date realized that he was in Star Wars, she acted differently around him. And it didn’t end on good terms — Boyega had to block her on his phone.

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