Jogger Finds Dead Minke Whale Washed Ashore on UK Beach, Coastguards Cordon Off Area

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A dead minke whale drifted ashore on the Teeside coast on Tuesday evening. The authorities intimated locals and urged them not to visit the beach until the dead mammal gets removed from the location. One of the locals, Fiona Rowbotham who found the dead minke whale washed up on the coast on Wednesday during her morning walk routine shared the information through her social media account.

While the authorities were contacted on Tuesday evening, a team of Humber Coastguards was sent on the spot. They confirmed the mammal was dead and it was a minke whale. A spokesperson for Humber Coastguard said, “We believe it’s about ten or 12 metres in length and it is deceased,” while speaking to Teesside Live.

He added that it was about 40 metres into the water. The British Divers Marine Life Rescue were examining the mammal and doing some measurements. The team, which accompanied a medic along with the coastguards, thoroughly examined the whale to see if it had any injuries or illness. The spokesperson informed that nothing seemed untoward to him.

The authorities reported that they need to wait for the whale to officially reach the beach before conducting a detailed investigation. They urged people to contact the Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme, if they find a stranded animal, dead or alive near the beach.

Earlier in the month, a juvenile minke whale was found stranded in England’s River Thames. Hundreds of people gathered along the riverbanks after the whale was first spotted. Rescuers who examined the whale revealed that its condition rapidly deteriorated and to end its suffering, a vet from the Zoological Society of London euthanised the animal.

Speaking about the cases of the animals stranding in the waters, one of the national co-ordinator of British Divers Marine Life Rescue, Dan Jarvis apprised that sometimes animals come ashore due by accident and get stranded, but usually they wash up because of serious illness or injury.

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