Joe Wicks' PE videos have already raised £80k for NHS

Albertina Lloyd
Entertainment reporter, Yahoo UK
Joe Wicks is donating all his ad revenue for his daily PE videos to the NHS. (Getty Images)

Personal trainer Joe Wicks has revealed his P.E. With Joe family workouts have already raised over £80,000 for the NHS.

The “body coach” has been helping children and families keep healthy during the coronavirus lockdown with live daily workout video streams hosted on YouTube at 9am GMT from his own living room. And he is donating all the ad revenue to the NHS.

Wicks, 33, told Good Morning Britain: “I saw the number and I was blown away. And I said, that all needs to go to the NHS.

“So far the ad revenue for the first seven videos has reached $100,000 [£80,000].”

The fitness guru – who before lockdown led workouts with children in schools via video link-up, and who has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube – has been attracting live audiences of over 500,000 to his daily PE workouts, with viewers from all over the world.

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Wicks – father to two-year-old daughter Indie and baby son Marley with his model wife Rosie Jones – admitted that the emotional stress of lockdown has started to get to him.

He said: “Yesterday was the first day where it caught up with me. Just lack of sleep – I was doing interviews in the middle of the night with Australia and then getting up and doing breakfast shows in the UK.

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“The emotional effects of being confined to the house and having two screaming babies... but I always use exercise to lighten my mood.”

And Wicks hopes that families joining in with his PE videos will encourage them to continue to exercise together once lockdown is over.

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He said: “My aim is to change the culture of exercise – we continue to do exercise in front of each other and together as a family.”

Wicks said on Instagram: “It’s been the most intense seven days of my live. I’ve never worked so hard. I’ve given so much and I’ve realised its time to slow down and say no. We’ve done as much as we can, we’ve shared it, we’ve talked to every country possible.

“I’ve got to have some time to myself.”