Joe Biden's Team Shut Down US Probe Into Covid-19's Chinese Lab Origins And Its Possible Links To A Bio Weapon Program

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The team of United States of America President Joe Biden had recently shut down a State Department probe into the possible Chinese lab origination theory of SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus, CNN has reported.

This probe was initiated by allies of Trump era secretary of state Mike Pompeo to determine whether "China's biological weapons program could have had a greater role in the pandemic's origin in Wuhan".

The Biden team then killed off the investigation while citing concerns over the "quality of work" after it received its draft findings in February and March which were "questioned" over their legitimacy.

The CNN report has said that various sources involved with the inquiry have indicated that there's more work to be done even as the State Department has claimed that the work of the inquiry committee was complete.

This revelation comes at a time when there's a renewed focus on the Wuhan Lab Leak theory over Coronavirus origins.

A United States (US) intelligence report has shared that three researchers from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) had sought hospital care months before China had officially disclosed the Covid-19 disease.

Nations like the US, the UK, Norway and Canadahave expressed concerns about WHO-led investigations into the origination of COVID-19. They had then called for further investigation and full access to all pertinent human, animal, and other data about the early stage of the outbreak.

It had also been said earlier that China had refused to give raw data on early COVID-19 cases to the WHO-led team which is pursuing the investigation.

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