Joe Biden's Pets Also Create History as Major Becomes First Rescued Dog to Make it to White House

Buzz Staff
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Newly elected United States President-elect Joe Biden is set to enter the Oval Office along with First Lady-elect Jill Biden after the ousting of Republican incumbent Donald Trump on Saturday. But the Bidens aren't going to be the only ones entering the White House.

Champ and Major, the Bidens' two pet german shepherds, will also be coming along to the White House to live with the First Family at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington in 2021.

Both Champ and Major are quite the celebrities on social media already, even before Biden won the elections. The dogs often appeared on social media posts, wearing cute Biden campaign sashes on their paws.

Biden's victory marks the return of dogs after four years of canine-fee years in the White House in the Trump years. Though this is not the first time the White House had had resident pet dogs, Biden is the first US President to bring a shelter dog to the US.

Champ was gifted to Joe Biden by his wife Jill in 2008 as a gift when he became Vice President under Barack Obama. According to reports, Champ, the older of the two dogs, has already been to the White House, but this will be the first time for Major.

Major also happens to be the first rescued dog ever to make it to the White House.

Since the announcement of results on November 7 after a tense and prolonged counting period, many have been sharing the images of the 'First Pets' Champ and Major on social media.

Animal lovers also lauded the fact that Biden chose a rescued pet to accompany him to Washington. The Bidens adopted Major in 2018 after fostering him from Delaware Humane Association.

Champ Biden also has a social media account on Twitter which has over 9,000 followers. Biden's dogs are the latest in a long list of often bizarre pets that former US Presidents have brought to the White House. While dogs have been popular Presidential pet choices, former US President Theodore Roosevelt kept a variety of animals during his years as President including a pony, a badger and a bear.

While Major is the first rescued dog to enter the White House, he isn't the first shelter animal either. Former President George Clinton's family adopted a black-and-white cat named 'Socks' after it allegedly jumped into Shelley Clinton's arms while she was leaving a piano lesson.