Joe Biden says Republicans 'didn't get message' from 2012 election defeat

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Washington, Mar. 24 (ANI): US Vice President Joe Biden has said the 2012 election results rendered a decisive verdict on America's future direction, adding that the Republicans 'did not get the message'.

Biden's comments came during an address to an audience of Democratic officials and activists at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's issues conference in New York City on .

He told the enthusiastic crowd that 'he really thought the fever would break' after the November election, adding that 'the president's re-election was 'decisive', but it is 'quite clear [Republicans] didn't get the message'.

According to CBS News, he said that or 'they got the message and they don't think it matters'.

He said that the problem with Republicans was a lack of effectual leaders, adding that there is nobody you can sit across the table from and shake hands, make a deal with.

He implied that activists, not party leaders, are ruling the Republican roost at the moment.

Turning to President Barack Obama's gun-control agenda, which Biden has played a key role in developing and promoting, he said he has no doubt about how tough it is to get anything done on this issue.

The vice president pushed, among other policy proposals, universal background checks and a ban on military-style assault weapons.

According to the report, Biden closed by exhorting the activists and officials in the audience to leave no stone unturned in their drive to wrest the House of Representatives from Republican control in the 2014 midterm elections. (ANI)

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