Joe Biden Has Picked His Favourite Obama-Biden Meme

Here’s how Joe Biden reacted to his and Obama’s viral memes.

The internet loves the Joe Biden and Obama memes, and for good reason. How else could they have survived over two months since Donald Trump took over as US president?

As it turns out, Biden too loves his meme-fied self too. In fact, the former Vice President as picked his favourite.

In an interview to, Biden’s 35-year-old daughter Ashley Biden has revealed how her father had "sat there for an hour and laughed" after she introduced him to his own ‘virality', before he shared his favourite meme.

The re-imagined secret conversations between Obama and Joe Biden were just the thing that netizens needed for a trip of sweet escapism from harsh realities. Ashley’s disclosure simply gives more fodder to the nostalgic Biden-Obama bromance lovers online.