Jockvester? Jacquevester? Steve Harvey can't believe one contestant's middle name on 'This Week in Game Shows'

Mike Bagood
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On Family Feud, when asked the question that everyone asks themselves all the time, “name something you would do to your boss if you won the lottery,” this contestant had her answer locked and loaded: “I’d kiss him in the mouth and celebrate with him.” Steve Harvey, like the audience at home, had no idea how to handle this answer.

On the Cyber Monday special of The Price Is Right, one contestant got a little too excited about her winning answer and ran up onstage. That’s usually normal for a show known for its excitement, but the only issue was that it wasn’t the correct answer. Luckily Drew Carey was around to politely send her back.

Also on Family Feud this week, Steve took a break from the usual surveying to completely diss one contestant’s middle name.

When Steve asked Fredarick what his friends call him, he kindly responded, “Jock because it’s half of my middle name.” Steve quickly questioned, “Half of your middle name? What’s your middle name?” Fredarick proudly answered, “Jockvester,” (its unclear how, in fact, he spells his middle name).

In other entertainment news, Kate Winslet uses Stephen Colbert’s desk to prove she could have saved Jack in Titanic:

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