Jobs Lost Due to Lockdown, 7 Teachers in Maha Caught Running IPL Betting Syndicate to Make Ends Meet

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After losing their jobs due to coronavirus lockdown, seven woman teachers in Maharashtra's Aurangabad, joined an IPL betting syndicate to make ends meet. The incident came to light after police recently raided their hideout in the city's Rojebagh area.

Police arrested 18 people from the hideout, who acted as speculators. The accused included eight woman, and out of them, seven were former teachers. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, they had all lost their jobs or sources of income. Finding it hard to run their household, all of them joined the syndicate through one person among them.

Police found the betting syndicate was being run like a call centre. The women were deputed to attend the various phones set up at the hideout.

Forty-two mobile phones that were used to finalise the betting deals were recovered by police. The women in operation would note down the details of the deals on these phones. They would tell callers about the rate of betting and received payment through applications. In return for all their work, they were promised Rs 7,000 remuneration every month.

One of the women apprehended during the raid said she taught at an English medium school and that she had not received her salary after the lockdown. She added that while her family somehow pulled on for a few days, it had become increasingly difficult for them to manage their livelihood and run their family. It was not even possible to manage their daily household expenses, she said.

Whilst searching for jobs, they met a woman who made the proposition of working at the syndicate. The gang would start receiving calls an hour before the IPL match.