Joan Collins wants more films for older viewers

Indo Asian News Service

Los Angeles, March 13 (IANS) Actress Joan Collins wants more films to be made for older viewers.

The 83-year-old actress doesn't feel there are enough movies out there made for older men and women, reports

Speaking of her movie "The Time Of Their Lives", Collins told London's Evening Standard newspaper: "This is a role that would be great to have at any stage in your career. I just don't think there are any roles for women over the age of about 40 anymore."

"Hopefully, people will see this movie and see that there is this audience. Let's face it, there are three million people in this country over the age of 65, and a lot of them want to go to the movies. And they don't necessarily like guns and blood and gore, and creatures from outer space," Collins said.

Meanwhile, Collins is hopeful people will still like her film, which also stars Pauline Collins, although it does not have any "blood, sex or violence".

"I hope people love it because it hasn't got blood, sex, violence and guns and gore and swearing, however, I do use the F-word twice and the S-word once," Collins said.