JNU violence: Those named at police conference allege ‘political targeting’

JNU violence, JNU attack, JNU ABVP violence, JNU protests, JNU attacks, delhi city news
JNU violence, JNU attack, JNU ABVP violence, JNU protests, JNU attacks, delhi city news

Ghosh is among the nine suspects named by police. (Express Photo by Prem Nath Pandey)

JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh, on the list of Delhi Police suspects allegedly involved in the January 5 violence, denied charges of being involved and said she has nothing to fear. “I haven’t done anything. Is there any video in which I can be seen roaming around with sticks or wearing a mask? Somebody cannot become a suspect just by them saying so,” she said.

Besides Ghosh, others named in the attack are Dolan Samanta, Sucheta Talukdar and Chunchun Yadav — all from AISA. Others include Pankaj Mishra, a student of Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health; Vaskar Vijay Mech from the School of Arts and Aesthetics; and Priya Ranjan from the School of Languages. Their political affiliations are unclear. Two people from ABVP named in the police document are Yogendra Bharadwaj and Vikas Patel.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Yadav said, “This is political targeting. Police is hand in glove with administration...” Talukdar said the police have made a “mockery” of the investigation. “Our protest has been peaceful for the last 70 days. They are disturbed by that,” she said. Another suspect, who did not wish to be named, said, “My face is not even covered in the photo they have circulated. Why would I do that if I was hitting someone?”

Bharadwaj, when asked to comment, said ‘Satyamev Jayate’ and hung up the phone. Others on the list either did not respond to calls or could not be reached.

The JNUTA said that the Delhi Police “glossed over the incidents of mob violence on the evening of January 5”. “Such underplaying of the incidents... is disturbing. Not even one of the several complaints filed by teachers has been turned into a FIR,” the JNUTA said in a statement.

The JNUSU called the Delhi Police press conference “a littany of distortions, half-truths and outright lies”.

“The most significant fact was that the additional commissioner named all Left organisations but the name of the ABVP was curiously missing. The silence of the police on the ABVP is deafening and its ploy to implicate the Left in violence is an indication that this investigation is a political investigation with a clear agenda to placate Mr Amit Shah and the ABVP,” they said.