JNU violence: In police complaint, ABVP members say beaten by Left

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A march by ABVP supporters, Monday. (Express Photo)

ABVP Members have filed a complaint with Delhi Police, alleging they were beaten up by current and former JNU students on the afternoon of January 5. Police confirmed they had received a complaint from the students’ group, and had forwarded all such complaints to the SIT.

The ABVP has so far denied allegations that its members were behind Sunday’s violence. According to the complaint submitted by its members, they were targeted by students from different Left outfits around 3 pm. Manish Jangid, ABVP JNU wing secretary, claimed he and three other people were trapped inside a room in Periyar Hostel.

“People were looking for me to beat me up. We managed to enter a hostel room. They entered and started hitting us. I managed to escape but the mob managed to corner me. They beat me up till I fell unconscious... A lot of us left campus to go to the hospital and did not return till the next day,” he said.

ABVP leaders also shared purported videos that show former JNUSU joint secretary Amutha Jayadeep holding and then dropping a stick. Aparajita Raja, JNU student and daughter of CPI leader D Raja, is seen walking alongside her.

When contacted, Jayadeep said: “This was when stone pelting had started from their side and people on our side were trying to figure out what to do. At that time, I snatched that stick from someone’s hand, just for protection. But I immediately threw it back.” Raja said: “Stones and sticks were strewn everywhere on campus that day. We didn’t hit anyone. I don’t remember the exact moment... I think Amutha snatched it from someone’s hand and flung it away.”