JNU cancels talk by Subramanian Swamy on Ram Mandir, students demand explanation

Jawaharlal Nehru University has cancelled a talk on the Ram Mandir issue which was to take place today inside the campus today.

The seminar titled "Why Ram Temple in Ayodhya" was organised by Vivekananda Vichar Manch, a right-leaning group comprising of students from university, and BJP leader Subramanian Swamy was invited to speak at the event.

According to sources, the talk that was supposed to take place in University's Koyna hostel was cancelled in the wake of the Ayodhya title suit hearing as the administration does not want any controversy around this "sensitive issue".

Letter signed by senior wearden of Koyna hostel, JNU

Students assembled outside JNU's Periyar hostel with both approved and cancelled letters from the administration asked for the reason behind the last minute cancellation.

Speaking to India Today, Prachi, one of the organisers of the event, said, "We only wanted to hold a discussion and debate and understand the details of the day. Dr Subramanian Swamy has deep knowledge of the event and its history".

"It was an open event and we wished to invite all views to speak at the event. We have a letter of approval, we followed the procedure for permission. Few hours ago, we were informed of the cancellation. Since then, the rector has been unreachable", another student from the organising team said.

The letter signed by the senior warden of the concerned hostel states that no talk will take place in Koyna Hostel, JNU on 06/12/2017. "Hence, the talk entitled "Why Ram Mandir in Ayodhya" which was going to take place in Koyna Hostel has been cancelled".

The students also questioned the accusations of the left-wing students, who often allege that the vice chancellor acts on behest of ruling BJP government. A member of the team asked if that was true why would this event be cancelled.

Subramanian Swamy on this issue said, "I had not applied to deliver a lecture in JNU but why my lecture was cancelled, this only the authorities can answer".

He also questioned the leftists and asked them answer why the seminar was cancelled. "Leftists who talk about intolerance should answer about this now", he Swamy said.

The event was organised on the 25th anniversary of the demolition of disputed Babri mosque by Hindu right-wing groups who claimed the mosque had been built over an ancient temple.