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Police in the state capital want to keep all options open to crack the mystery surrounding Sangita Sinha's death.

"All facts have to be ascertained to find out if the 45-year-old woman was murdered or she committed suicide. She could have also died a natural death," Patna city superintendent of police Kim told The Telegraph on Tuesday, six days after the decomposed body of the lawyer was found in her flat.

or she died a natural death or even committed suicide.

in the death of 45-year-old Sangita Sinha

in the state capital are still groping in the dark

Six days have the decomposing body of 45-year-old Sangita Sinha was recovered from her flat and cops pointing at a certain cold blooded murder, the men in uniform now suddenly have doubts.

In a talk with The Telegraph today,

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With the post mortem report of the deceased not giving out any details as the cops had expected, the doubts had risen, police sources pointed out.

The police are presently awaiting the viscera report of the deceased which will determine the cause of her death. Until the same is with the cops, it cannot be said for sure that the woman was murdered. It can be very well that she died a natural death or even committed suicide, Kim told The Telegraph.

Generally, the Viscera report, which is furnished by the Forensic Science Laboratory, takes atleast six months or more to come by.

There are many viscera samples to be tested and it takes a lot of time generally. But then if the police want the report fast on a priority basis, the same can be done fast and within days, a police source told The Telegraph.

Police sources pointed out that though they had taken statements from a lot of people, nothing concrete had come out.

There has been several theories coming out but then the police cannot confirm anyone among them at this moment. With the post mortem report not giving any results, the doubts about the cause of her death is obvious. The body was recovered in a decomposing state on June 20 which meant that she had died atleast two to three days back. Only the Viscera report can now tell the exact cause of her death and the case is a priority for the cops, another police officer pointed out.

The woman used to live alone in her flat at the Budh Marg based Vaishav Apartments since years now with she having many people as regular visitors.

Meanwhile, the police are still in the dark in connection with the brutal murder of the elderly couple at the Sahpur police station area on July 23 late night with their bodies being recovered the next morning.

The cops have already stated the fact that someone close to the couple had murdered them and there were no signs of a forceful entry. The police are checking everything right now. The mobile call records of the couple are being taken out which will shed a lot of light into the case. The reason of the killings can be anything, a personal enmity, a land conflict, someone eyeing the couples home etc. Right now the case is blind still and investigations are going on, DSP (Danapur) Sushant Kumar Saroj told The Telegraph.

Police sources pointed out that they had initial questionings with the two sons of the couple who are presently living in Patna and more will follow and continue.