Pinky Kapoor

QI was born on 26.03.1964 at 12.35am. At present we are all going through a lot of stress and tension. I would be really grateful if you could sort out my life and guide me with powerful remedies according to my birth chart.


According to your pillars of destiny, you were born on the day of wood in the mid spring season when wood element is at its peak. This makes you a very strong wood person with good support of water. Health wise you could be prone to back aches, pain in hands and feet or have liver or gall bladder problems. Metal element is totally missing that could make you prone to sensitive skin, breathing problems or headaches. Hope you are not smoking or taking too much of alcohol. These could be dangerous for your health. You need to be balanced with fire and earth and metal elements and their related colours like vibrant, earthy and metallic colours. This means that you should wear these colours on important days and surround yourself with these colours in your bedroom and work place. Keep away from shades of green and blue.

Earth represents your direct wealth. Hence you should invest and make money from real estate business. From 2012 onwards you have entered into a period of change in lifestyle. This could again give you a new house, place, business and others. This period will bring with it mental and physical stress. Lot of new things will happen in life. This will actually be a period of mixed results where positive and negative will happen in your life. All you need is to take extra care of your health now. Go to the hospital and get thorough health check up done.

There is a clash between the dragon and the dog in your chart. This means that this particular year from February 2012 to February 2013 will be stressful for your wife because the dog is occupying your spouse's house.

Keep a figure of a rooster in the southwest corner of your bedroom along with a photograph of you and your wife. This will ease out the tension in your wife's life this year. Both of you will disagree on most issues. The rooster will surely help to east out relationship problems. Always face north or east while doing anything important.


I have recently bought a property where there is a cul-de-sac in the front. The northwest sector of the house is extended leaving southwest area recessed. Friends are telling me all negative things about the property. Please guide me with right with powerful corrections.


Your property is in cul-de-sac where the inflowing energy instead of entering your house just by passes the house thus leaving you all deprived of the vital nourishing of life force. The property is extended towards northwest, thus leaving a major cut or a recessed area towards southwest. This quadrant of the house is associated with feminine energy that nourishes the females of the house but because this area is cut, females of the house get affected.

To bring a good flow of cosmic energy back into the house, the property has to be given a proper shape. Demarcating the cul-de-sac from one corner to the other end by laying a copper wire underneath the ground can do this. Similar treatment should be given to the missing southwest corner. Visual demarcation is again created with either a wall of three feet above the ground or with flowerbeds or with a bumper-like thing. The new meeting point of the southwest corner should further be made heavy with either a rockery made with heavy boulders and potted plants or with a tall and heavy plantation. You can also create stepping stones leading to the house. These help to invite in the cosmic energy, which otherwise is being swept away by the cul-de-sac. You can bury nine silver coins underneath each stepping stone. This helps in inviting abundant wealth and prosperity into the house.