Jitin Prasada exits Congress; Ajay kumar lallu claims it to be a betrayal

Jitin Prasad has joined the Bharatiya Janata Party, dealing a major blow to the Congress. Jitin Prasad became a target of the Congress after joining the BJP, and the country's opposition party has reacted. Jitin Prasad has been labeled a traitor by Uttar Pradesh Congress President Ajay Kumar Lallu. Ajay Kumar Lallu stated that he did not perform a decent job. Simultaneously, he attacked Jitin, saying that if he couldn't save his land, how could he help the BJP? Ajay Kumar Lallu stated that he was a Union Minister and a Member of Parliament for the Congress Party. His father and other members of his family served in the Congress as ministers and MPs. Whose identity was established by the Congress party, and whose struggle was forged by legislators and ministers.