New JioCall app confirms upcoming fixed-line connection, could launch with GigaFiber very soon

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New JioCall app confirms upcoming fixed-line connection, could launch with GigaFiber very soon

Jio has updated its Jio4GVoice app on Android. The new app is called JioCall and it hints towards Jio's fixed-line connection.

For the last few weeks, the technology sector in India has been talking a lot about Jio's upcoming GigaFiber broadband service. Despite available in the market under public beta testing in the guise of the Preview offer, there's a lot that we still don't know about GigaFiber connection, including the price and Internet speeds. However, the leaks have given us a few points that could make many consider GigaFiber over existing connections. And Reliance may have indirectly confirmed one of those bits.

Jio has updated its Jio4GVoice app and renamed it to JioCall. The new app retains all the features from the previous version of the app. However, as Telecom Talk points out, the app mentions the presence of an option that allows users to make video calls to fixed-line numbers. With the JioCall app, users will be able to make both audio and video calls to fixed-line numbers. The report mentions that users will need to first configure their fixed-line connection with the JioCall app in order to avail the service.

While the information presented here doesn't mention anything about how the service would work, it does confirm that Jio is indeed bringing its landline connection to the market. Taking into consideration the previous leaks, the Jio Fixed-Line service will be clubbed along with GigaFiber and will offer free voice calls. If users have the JioCall app installed, they could probably make video calls as well, provided they have the devices to do so.

With the update coming in now, it seems that Reliance is preparing to launch GigaFiber commercially within the next few weeks. Reliance could be unveiling GigaFiber, the fixed-line connection as well as the rumoured Jio HomeTV that could rely on the Internet to stream TV channels. All these services could be clubbed in a single subscription package which could be called the Triple Play Plan.

Previously, it was said that Jio would be bringing GigaFiber subscription at two price categories. The base subscription plan could cost Rs 600 per month and offer 100GB data per month at speeds of 50Mbps. There will be another plan with higher data speeds of 100Mbps that will cost around Rs 1,000 per month. The latter could also include a dual-band Wi-Fi router.