Jio GigaTV with 4K set-top box to launch with GigaFiber soon: Will be available in twin offer at an astonishing price

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Jio GigaTV with 4K set-top box to launch with GigaFiber soon: Will be available in twin offer at an astonishing price

Reliance is rumoured to launch GigaTV along with GigaFiber at the AGM event on August 12. GigaTV is expected to launch with a 4K set-top box.

There are just a few weeks to go before we could know the actual prices for Jio GigaFiber. Reliance is expected to come up with the commercial prices of its broadband service at the 42nd Annual General Meeting on August 12. Rumours have been giving us a rough estimate of what the starting prices could be for the base level subscription. However, just before the expected launch, a new leak suggests that GigaTV could be launching alongside GigaFiber and it will offer a 4K set-top box.

According to a report from Television Post, Reliance could be launching the GigaTV service in India and will offer as standard a 4K set-top box. This falls in line with the previous rumours about GigaTV where it was expected to offer India's first commercial IPTV service. The leak suggests that GigaTV will come in a twin offer along with GigaFiber and the monthly subscription for both can starts from Rs 600. Subscribers will get 600 TV channels in high resolution as standard.

Now, know that this is a leak and therefore, it would be unwise to blindly believe in this. However, when going through all the previous leaks and rumours surrounding GigaTV, it seems legitimate. Last year. Reliance said it wants to offer smart connected home solutions and GigaFiber was the first step towards that. GigaFiber is utilizing the fiber connection technology to provide Internet connection and it is expected that speeds should be fast even under heavy loads.

Since the fiber network can support massive bandwidths, Jio could use it for its IPTV service. GigaTV could rely on GigaFiber's infrastructure to stream TV channels in extremely high resolution. Hence, with the 4K TV box, subscribers could stream 4K content, provided that they have a 4K TV.

If the subscription, which could be known as Jio Triple Play Plan, start from Rs 600, it will offer a highly cost-effective all-rounder entertainment solution to homes. For Rs 600 per month, subscribers will be getting access to 50Mbps broadband with up to 100GB data, 600 free TV channels in 4K high resolution, and free unlimited high definition calls via the landline connection.

Reliance is hosting the 42nd AGM event on August 12 and we expect the company to make these services public at the event.