Jingle InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd. launches new Textile and Apparel Industries


New Delhi, June 26 (ANI): Delhi-based Indian company Jingle InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd. Launched its new Textile and Apparel ERP called TexAms. Jingle has been developmnet since the beginning of 2008 and in trial use for 2009. Now it is stable and ready for production use. Five initial customers have already purchased TexAms and using this software since the beginning of 2009. TexAms ERP is written in C# and runs on Microsoft's .net platform. This makes TexAms ERP highly flexible and easy to integrate with third party applications such as MSSQL and Oracle. Therefore, it is easy to exchange information with partners via electronic data interchange EDI) or other methods. It is also easy to support mobile solutions such as IPad and IPhone so managers can view reports on the run. It is a key to compatibility between our business systems and those of our customers and suppliers. Liveindia compared TexAms ERP with many other ERP products and Liveindia believe that TexAms ERP is the future of Textile and apparel industries business systems. Features in the TexAms ERP include: TexAms ERP more modular; TexAms ERP more customer friendly; TexAms ERP fully web based; TexAms ERP more user; friendely. TexAms ERP A totally new production capacity planning module; TexAms ERP Highly configurable user interface. The increases flexibility of TexAms also reduces implementation time. (ANI)