Jinder Mahal workout videos: What fuels the WWE superstar? Diet and workout routine

Sayantan Maitra
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Jinder Mahal / WWE

Almost every pro wrestling fan has remained pleasantly surprised on seeing Jinder Mahal's meteoric rise in the WWE all of a sudden. According to the pro wrestling lingo, "from a jobber to an A-lister".

According to recent developments, the Canadian pro wrestler with Indian roots has run away with Randy Orton's WWE Championship title and doesn't look very keen on returning to the 'Viper'.

Jinder, 30, clashes with Randy Orton for the title at the WWE Backlash 2017 pay-per-view (PPV) event later this month. The former, allying with the Bollywood Boyz Gurv and Harv Sihra, played a part in Orton's defeat against Bray Wyatt on Sunday April 30 at WWE Payback in San Jose, California.

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Jinder Mahal: The freak

Jinder underwent a complete body transformation and he has been making heads turn since his re-appearance at the WWE from the late 2016. The lean and mean muscular frame, with veins popping up has made WWE fans believe that the Canadian has been under steroids, which result in clear violation of WWE's wellness policy.

However, even after so many months, the Vince McMahon-owned company has not charged Jinder for steroid abuse, leaving the section of fans curious!

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Former WWE superstar Ryback (Ryan Allen Reeves), too, has spoken ill about Jinder and mentioned that the latter has been taking course to steroids.

So what's the truth? Jinder, who calls himself the 'Maharaja', has taken to Instagram to post a series of images of him working out in the gym, en route to body transformation. The 30-year-old has mentioned that it is all the result of his proper diet, hardwork and determination that has helped him reach this phase.

According to various reports, Jinder has not even touched alcohol for close to an year, but he has devoured on plenty of protein shakes!

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More about Jinder Mahal

Real name: Yuvraj 'Raj' Singh Dhesi

Born: July 19 1986 in Calgary, Canada

Background: The nephew of Gama Singh, a former pro wrestler from India who immigrated to Canada in 1963. He belongs to the Sikh community.

Stints with WWE: 2011-2014, 2016-present

WWE main roster debut: April 2011 in SmackDown

Billed height: 6'5"

Billed weight: 116 kg