Jimmy Connors' new book reveals Chris Evert's abortion led to split

New York, May 2 (ANI): Jimmy Connors' new book suggests that he got then-fiancee Chris Evert pregnant, but she made the decision to abort.

In the new memoir, Connors strongly hints that his then-19-year-old fiancee had an abortion shortly before they were supposed to tie the knot in 1974, the New York aily News reported.

"An issue had arisen as a result of youthful passion and a decision had to be made as a couple," Connors writes in 'The Outsider.'

Connors said that he wanted to "let nature take its course" and accept responsibility "for what was to come."

But Evert, who was raised in a devout Catholic home, made a different call.

Connors, who had been staying in a Los Angeles apartment with his pal, fellow short-fused legend Ilie Nastase, said he was miffed when Evert called to say she had decided the matter for both of them.

The romance between Connors, the reigning bad boy of tennis, and Evert, who was America's tennis sweetheart, had played out in public and captured the country's imagination as both won tournament after tournament.

Chris Evert was a fellow tennis champ and engaged to marry the great Jimmy Connors.

But Connors, who was barely 22 at the time, had been harboring deep misgivings about getting married. And that phone call from Evert shook him badly.

Connors writes he loved Evert, but tennis - and their ambition - kept getting in the way. (ANI)