Jim Hopper Playing 'Alexie' in Marvel's Black Widow Made 'Stranger Things' Fans Emotional

David Harbour is set to appear as Alexei Shostakov aka The Red Guardian in Marvel's upcoming 'Black Widow' featuring Scarlett Johansonn, Racehl Weisz and Florence Pugh among others.

After the stressful third season of Stranger Things (spoilers ahead), fans of the popular TV show were just about recovering from the apparent deaths of Chief Jim Hopper and others when a new piece of trivia has surfaced, reeling up fans more than ever.

In a recent announcement, Marvel revealed that that David Harbour, the actor who played Hopper in the hit Netflix series, will be essaying the role of 'Alexei' in the upcoming Black Widow, co-starring Scralett Johansonn and Rachel Weisz among others.

That's happy news, right? Well, not really.

Many Stranger Things fans have expressed pain at the "coincidence" the character Harbour will be playing is named Alexei Shostakov, aka MCU's Red Guardian. Alexei is also the name of the cherry flavoured ice-slurpy-eating Russian scientist who was apprehended by Hopper and Joyce Byers. Alexei later became an accomplice of the Americans and helped them in defeating the enemy, but not before becoming a casualty himself when he was shot to death by a betrayed fellow Russian.

Fans mourned the loss of Alexei, who in just a few episodes, had managed to tug at the audience's heartstrings with his adorable love for cherry-flavoured ice chips. And when Harbour's Hopper 'died' in the season finale, the mood was one of definite grief.

But just as fans had begun to recover from the pain, MCU's Black Widow has sent some back in a spiral. Check out some of the reactions.

Now that's what we call a crossover episode.