Jim Davidson denies 'racial abuse' toward train attendant following allegations

Jim Davidson walks along the bridge from the hotel to the International Convention Centre in Birmingham, 2016. (OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images)

Jim Davidson has denied making a racist remark toward a train attendant last week at Euston station in London.

Another passenger, Paul Blanchard, claimed to have witnessed the incident and alleged he seen Davidson “racially abuse” the member of staff. However, Davidson has insisted he “wasn’t racist”.

The 65-year-old did admit to using abusive language.

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"I did tell him to “f*** off”, and I did say: 'Welcome to our country,' in a sarcastic manner because I couldn’t help myself,” the comedian told The Sun.

Comedian Jim Davidson in the stands

"The attendant acted in a threatening manner and attempted to stop me boarding because I could not find my older person’s rail pass. I did push past and got on the train and I showed him my pass.

"I was on my way to another charity event so did not want to miss my train. He was a white man with a thick South African accent."

Blanchard, a public relations expert and author, originally posted about the incident to his Twitter feed in a string of posts describing the incident.

He went on: “I tweeted this earlier when I was actually on board the train and sitting directly next to Jim, who I think had been drinking. I deleted the original tweet as someone kept texting him and I was worried it was someone telling him about my tweet.

“I did not fancy an aggressive confrontation, frankly.”

Earlier in the year, Davidson vowed never to return to London after saying Mayor Sadiq Khan has “f***ed up” his hometown.