Jharkhand poll: '86 Basti' residents ask Chief Minister Das when will they get ownership rights

Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) [India], Dec 4 (ANI): Residents of 86 unauthorised colonies of Chief Minister Raghuvar Das' constituency -- Jamshedpur East -- are putting a tough question to him -- when will they get the rights of their land?

The residents of the colonies, popularly known as 86 Basti, have been struggling to get the rights of their land for the past 20 years.

The colonies, covering a total of 1,700 acres of land, decide the fate of candidates in every election as their residents constitute almost 80 per cent of total votes in the constituency.

Several politicians have reached the Assembly from this seat but the wait of residents of 86 Basti get ownership rights continues to be endless.

Even Chief Minister Raghbar Das won his first election by promising to ensure the ownership rights to the residents.

The residents, however, are hopeful to get the ownership rights for their land someday.

"When will our houses be demolished is completely uncertain. His (Raghubar Das) core election agenda has always been to ensure the ownership rights to us, but it is yet to be delivered," Rajesh Ojha, resident of 86 Basti, said.

"Right from emotion to money, it takes a lot to construct a home. But now everyone is frightened," he added.

Manoj Pandey, another resident, said: "If we get the ownership rights, our home and land will be ours. We will have a permanent address. We can take loans from the banks as well."

He said: "We feel as if we are Bangladeshis living in this country. We are the residents of Jharkhand without a permanent address."

Angry with the Chief Minister for not delivering his poll promise, the residents accuse him of playing politics over the issue.

"He is the CM. This matter is completely in his hand. Why doesn't he do anything? Will he give a lease to 86 Basti after becoming the Prime Minister," asked Amit Sharma, another resident.

Saryu Rai, a senior leader, also attacked his rival candidate for not fulfilling the promise.

"It was he who said that 86 colonies are either on the government or Tata's land and he will get them the ownership claim. When Tata's lease was renewed in 2005, he excluded these colonies spread in 1,700 acres of land. When he became the CM, he took a U-turn and said it was never on his agenda," added Rai. (ANI)