Jharkhand Man Steps Up for Covid Patients Under Home Isolation, Delivers Ration and Medicines

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The coronavirus pandemic has seen an unprecedented and uncountable number of heartwarming incidents where good Samaritans have come out to try and help those reeling under the effects of the virus. Among them is also this 38-year-old man who has been delivering ration and medicines to those who have tested positive and are under home quarantine.

Jharkhand’s Santosh Kumar Panda has been working hard to supply daily need items and ration and medicines to those who have tested positive and are under home isolation. Panda is usually on his bike, taking rides across the city and goes wherever the call for help comes from and he doe sit without charging anything extra. A resident of Kiriburu, Panda reportedly said he gets at least 10 or more phone calls requesting him for delivery of ration and medicines and he tries to do as many as he can. He delivers to at least 5 or 6 places a day. But with rising cases of infections everywhere, Panda says he follows all the precautions needed before going out.

He dons a PPE kit to protect himself from coming into direct contact with anyone else and his wife ensures the items he uses are washed and sanitised daily.

Panda says he takes orders on WhatsApp and insists people send the payment through digital medium. He also adds that many have also come up recently to help him out by teaming up with him to help deliver the medicines and ration to those who need them.

Panda isn’t the only such good soul helping others out in need. The Covi-19 crisis saw a flurry of such heartwarming stories of people rising to the occasion to help others. A sister duo in Patna have also recently started an initiative to help the Covid-infected patients who are under home quarantine. 32-year-old Anupama Singh and her mother Kundan Devi cook food at their home in Rajendranagar in Patna and the former's sister Neelima Singh, 26, delivers the food packets

There has been a similar smattering of examples in cities like Bengaluru too, where these are working independently and in groups and have gone out of their way to help strangers. Many began with helping their friends and family but later realized the magnitude of the need around. In times when everyone is scared to step out of their homes, these Samaritans have been working relentlessly with a smile on their face.

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