Jharkhand Crematoriums Full, Covid-infected Bodies Being Burnt in Open Near Ghaghara Ghat

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Bodies have been piling up in Ranchi as coronavirus cases continue to take a toll on Jharkhand, forcing people to burn the mortal remains out in the open at Namkum Ghaghara Ghat. Workers at Harmu Muktidham crematorium said that the arrival of number of dead has been 22 times greater than normal.

Cremation at Namkum Ghaghara Ghat began at 6 am and continued till late in the night, an eyewitness said. Even after cremating all these bodies, the municipal authorities still received the information of arrival of more than 15 bodies.

The municipal corporation has deployed three teams here so that people do not face problem in cremating the bodies. This team works in shifts. The authorities have arranged 25 tractors of wood for cremation.

The second wave of coronavirus has infected large number of people in the state and this has also led to more people dying of this disease. Meanwhile, a new kind of problem has cropped up.

There are seven places in the city where bodies could be cremated including Harmu Mukitdham and the city has two crematorium as well. But under the Covid Protocol, the patients dying of Covid infections were cremated at Harmu Muktidham. But now this crematorium could not accommodate all the bodies that have started arriving there in huge numbers.

So people are compelled to cremate the dead bodies of their near-dears in the open on the banks of Subarnarekha river in Ghaghara. The crematorium built at Ghaghara cost the authorities ₹3 crore but this is not used and is in abandoned condition. Had the municipal corporation repaired it beforehand, instead cremating bodies in the open, people could have used it for this purpose.

Shankar Chaube, a supervisor of the municipal corporation said that in last two days, a total of 35 to 40 dead bodies of the Covid-infected patients have been cremate here which lasted till late at night. the municipal corporation has posted its staff there who work in three shifts. Enough arrangements have been made at the crematorium for cremation so that people do not face much problem in cremating bodies.

Another staff of the municipal corporation, Sanjay Kumar said that 25 tractor wood have been brought here so that there is not short of supply of wood to burn bodies. Apart from this, all other arrangements have also been made for the cremation.

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