JFK's teen mistress reveals affair in memoir

New York, October 13 (ANI): A former White House intern has shed light on her 18-month long affair with John F. Kennedy in a tell-all memoir.

Mimi Alford, in 'Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath', has revealed that her affair started while she was working in the White House press office, the New York Post reported.

Alford, who was 19-years-old at that time, was invited to go for a midday swim in the White House pool, where she was introduced to Kennedy.

The 69-year-old retired New York City church administrator has detailed her fling with the former President, saying that she was invited to an after-work party, where she first had sex with him.

Alford has insisted that she couldn't resist and say no to his advances, as she felt she was desired by the most famous and powerful man in America.

She has claimed that their sex was "varied and fun", as he was seductive and playful and sometimes would "act like he had all the time in the world".

She also claimed that her affair continued even after her internship got over and she moved back to her college at Wheaton, where Kennedy would call under the alias of Michael Carter to invite her to the White House occasionally. (ANI)