Jet Airways Flight Horror: Passenger Suffers Permanent Hearing Loss Two Months After Cabin Pressure Drop Incident on Mumbai-Jaipur Flight

Team Latestly
Two months after Jet Airways Mumbai-Jaipur Flight 9W 0697 witnessed cabin pressure drop, one of the passengers has been diagnosed with a permanent hearing loss.

Mumbai, November 22: Two months after Jet Airways Mumbai-Jaipur Flight 9W 0697 witnessed cabin pressure drop, one of the passengers has been diagnosed with a permanent hearing loss. According to a report in Hindustan Times, Mukesh Sharma, a PhD researcher from University of Aveiro, Portugal, underwent an audiometry test on November 12 to diagnose the extent of his hearing loss. He had suffered bleeding in his ears in the September 20 incident. Jet Airways Booked for Attempt to Murder After Mid-Air Cabin Pressure Loss Leaves Passengers Bleeding.

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Sharma's report has revealed that he has suffered permanent hearing loss. He said that he isn't being able to understand what a person is saying unless they stand face-to-face while speaking to him. He has also said that he is speaking on his phone with his left ear as his right ear has been severely affected.

On September 20, nearly 30 out of 166 passengers had suffered nose and ear bleeding due to loss of cabin pressure on board the Jet Airways flight. The crew had apparently "forgotten" to turn on a switch that controls cabin air pressure. The flight was turned back to Mumbai and passengers were rushed to the hospital.

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The doctor treating Sharma has said that he would have to undergo cochlear implant as the permanent solution to the damage. The doctor said that the hearing loss would only go worse with age if Sharma doesn't undergo the surgery. Sharma, who discontinued his job as a professor after the incident, has said that the implant alone would cost him around Rs 6 lakh and that he had already spent Rs 15,000 on his treatment. Jet Airways Mid-Air Horror: What is Cabin Pressure in Aircraft And How Does it Cause Nose and Ear Bleeds?

Sharma and another passenger, who is also undergoing treatment after the incident, have said that they are in the process of filing a case against Jet Airways in the consumer court.