Jessica Biel Is the Master of Instagram Milestones

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Jessica Biel thanks her fans for follows by flipping. (Image: Jessica Biel via Instagram)

Jessica Biel may not have 122 million followers like Instagram queen Selena Gomez — or 45 million like her boybander-turned-husband-er Justin Timberlake. But she is a social media star when it comes to celebrating milestones.

Over the weekend, the actress, who got her start on 7th Heaven, reached 4 million followers on the photo-sharing site and did a fun (and impressive) flip to show her fan appreciation. Biel, who will appear in the eight-episode series The Sinner this summer, picked a stunning setting for her jump — waterside — and showed off her toned legs and gymnast skills as she spun through the air. Oh, and she also made a nip slip joke. The girl can do it all.

“3 Million followers?! I’m flipping out!” she wrote. “Well, technically I’m “aerial-ing out” but that just sounds like a nip slip. Anyway! THANK YOU ALL! Love, Jess.”

The 35-year-old star, who married JT in 2012 and welcomed their son in 2015, has a history of these charming fan thank-yous. In November, the brunette, who took gymnastic and dancing when she grew up, also took flight — doing a backflip off the side of a boat.

And when she reached 1 million in April 2016, the Au Fudge partner smashed a cake into her face. Not your typical celeb move. (Don’t touch my face! I just had someone spend an hour on my makeup and it’s perfect.)

We like where this is going and can’t wait for more. And in case she’s soliciting requests, we’d love to see her pair with JT and do some old school ‘N Sync dance moves that end with her flipping off his shoulders. Or maybe have Silas Timberlake, her mini me, give her the cake to the face next time?

Regardless, make sure you go and follow her — so she serves up something good again real soon. Four million isn’t that far away.

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